Software Developer

Sept 2020 - Dec 2020

Excel Automation

GUI: Tkinter

Jira Plugin

Atlassian Plugin SDK

Supervisor's Comments

"Ellie Xu had exceeded significantly on all expectations. She delivered a high quality work in a short time. She went above and beyond with all assignments. Always performed exceptionally and had significantly contributed to the organization through her works. She was able to solve complex code independently in a short period of time and even improved to a more efficient algorithms. This was reflected when she was given tasks to convert codes in VB to Python to format hundreds of Excel reports to a format we defined. She was also helping resolving defects on Python script to modify reports in Excel format to comply with AODA guidelines. She was able to perform the tasks without any helps considering the complexity of the codes. Previous students I worked with demonstrated the struggles in understanding and completing the task but Ellie managed to resolve issues we could not in the past."