IOT Engineer at LimeTAC Corp
May 2021 - Aug 2021
IOT Engineer at
LimeTAC Corp
May 2021 - Aug 2021

Indoor vehicle tracking

Raspberry Pi
Computer Vision: OpenCV
GUI: Tkinter
Azure Storage

EdgeServer Display showing a forklift located at Bin 1. The panel on the left shows the forklift and bin informations.

Video Recorder

Azure Blob Storage

Graphical Interface of the video player with the left panel showing videos from the cloud and their local status.

Collision Recorder

Raspberry Pi
Hardware Assembly: soldering
Azure Blob Cloud Storage

Other Tasks/Projects

Raspberry Pi Zero

CTO's Comments

"Ellie demonstrated exceptional creative problem-solving skills that surprised and impressed me on multiple occasions. When presented with a task, she was always able to quickly come up with a variety of solutions. She displayed this ability throughout the term on the various projects she worked on. Ellie had also demonstrated excellent persistence throughout the term. This was reflected on multiple occasions; she impressed me when she decided that unexpected issues did not mean the end of the project, even if those issues were large enough to halt it. Overall, Ellie showed an excellent ability to creatively solve any problems she was faced with and carried with her the persistence to follow through with a task despite the obstacles."